ODEO - The First Effective Organic Deodorant

The revolutionary development by NanoSvit (UA). Deodorant is based on organic microelements complex to provide you protection against unpleasant odor
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An effective organic deodorant


24.99 EUR

O’DEO (Organic DEOdorant) – is the first effective organic deodorant, odorless, aluminum and parabens free. The product uses natural properties of vitally important microelements and has a positive effect on the skin. Harmless and safe hypoallergenic composition. Safe for people with sensitive skin.

An effective organic deodorant without a smell ODEOUp to 4 months of protectionBUY NOW!

Organic composition
Unique organic composition

The unique ODEO composition includes 3 bio microelements (silver, zinc, copper), as well as a vital organic acid - lemon acid. Nourishes the skin. Minimizes irritation after armpits shaving and hair removal procedure.

No smell
Odor-free and No-flavor

Deodorant is completely odorless and does not mix with the scent of perfume. Suitable for people suffering from allergies

Without aluminum and parabens
Without aluminum, parabens, allergens

Not a single part of inorganic substance (nitrates, sulphates, chlorides) and other hazardous chemical is present! Deodorant is free of parabens, stabilizers, thickeners, etc. Does not leave any traces on the clothes

Does not block the pores
Does not block the pores and lymphatic system

Unlike the antiperspirants, ODEO does not clog the sweat glands or block the lymphatic system. Does not disrupt the natural cooling and heat transfer of the body. SWEAT is released from the body in a natural way, but it has no smell!

Awesome Style

O'DEO advantages

Body spray 118 ml (4 oz) -
UP to 4 Month of Protection

  • Convenient hand-sprayer
  • Exclusive price (till the end of the year)
  • Glamor stylish package
  • Quality guarantee by NanoSvit (Kyiv, UA)
  • Fast shipping


100% Organic

Organic Composition

Microelements in ODEO composition are represented in the form of organic citrates *. Citrates are particularly considered the most biocompatible with the human body, recognized by the world community and recommended by the Trace Element Institute for UNESCO

* Citrates – organic compounds of metals (microelements) with citric acid

Microelements are produced using the latest eco-friendly technology of NanoSvit. Due to this innovation ODEO deodorant composition has no nitrates, sulfates, chlorides and popular auxiliary chemicals (the deodorant is completely free of parabens, stabilizers, preservatives, allergens, toxins and other thickeners)

DEODORANT Ingredients: silver citrate, copper citrate, zinc citrate, citric acid, water

Safe Deodorant

ODEO deodorant use is safe for health and meets the medical criteria of safety:

REGULATION (EC) No. 1223/2009 Of The European Parliament And Of The Council On Cosmetic Products, 30 November 2009

DSTU 4093-2002 “Cosmetic tonics and lotions”

The conclusion of the state sanitary-epidemiological expertise No. 05.03.02-04/5332

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Safety first

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Our Answers on Popular Questions


Is ODEO deodorant recommended for allergic skin?

Yes, it is completely safe and sensitive skin-friendly. Organic silver as a part of deodorant has anti-allergic effect proven by medicine. Deodorant is suitable for highly allergic individuals and people suffering from asthma, and having sensitive skin. People with individual intolerance to one of the composition components (silver, copper, zinc, citric acid or water) could be an exception


Is ODEO deodorant recommended for diabetics?

Yes, deodorant is safe for people suffering from diabetes. Microelements in ODEO composition have positive effect on the entire body; it stimulates the skin breathing, promotes healing of micro-cracks and cuts, relieves swelling and inflammation, stimulates metabolic processes

deodorant fot vegetarians

Is deodorant suitable for vegeterians?

Yes,ODEO composition has no substances of animal origin. ODEO can be used by people with any philosophical or religious beliefs. Organic deodorant ODEO is suitable for vegetarians, vegans, yogis, raw foodists and other people who care about themselves and carefully read the label

No tests on animals

Does animal testing take place?

ODEO complies with REGULATION (EC) No. 1223/2009 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL ON COSMETIC PRODUCTS, which prohibits animal testing

keew away from ultraviolet

Can I use ODEO in solarium?

ODEO - 100% organic product without adding chemical stabilizers. We do not recommend using the product immediately before or during sunbathing, as well as with the active irradiation with ultraviolet light in the solarium. You can use ODEO after UV procedures to neutralize the burn, and to soothe irritation of armpit skin

storage conditions

What are the storage conditions of deodorant?

It is recommended to storage the deodorant at 5-25оС. Keep ODEO away from UV and sunlight. Do not leave in the sun. Do not freeze

do not spray on clothes

Can ODEO be sprayed on clothes?

ODEO is primarily a cosmetic deodorant for skin! We have designed other special products for odor protection of clothes. Silvester against clothes' odor

payment, shipping

How can I order and pay for it?

You can contact our manager by calling or texting via Skype, WhatsApp, Viber. Primarily we accept Direct payments and PayPal


Does your company provide discounts?

Yes, the discounts depend on how many items you want to buy. Contact our sales manager to get wholesale price.

sweating, hyperhidrosis, antiperspirants

Does ODEO reduce sweating?

ODEO does not block or clog the sweat glands; on the contrary ODEO normalizes its work and prevents you from bad odor. If you need to block the sweat glands, you can apply ODEO before using the antiperspirant to reduce negative impact and provide additional protection against odor. IMPORTANT! Do not abuse antiperspirants! Daily use of antiperspirants disrupts the basic natural working principles of the oil glands, and can cause metabolic disorder and hyperhidrosis

Expert's OPINION

O’DEO – the newest development of NanoSvit Organic, which has no analogues!
For the first time, an organic deodorant effectively protects against unpleasant odor and has a positive effect on the skin

  • Sergio mr.Gukov
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Sergio mr.Gukov

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"ODEO - is the result of 2 years' development and testing. The result of our work is definitely worth your attention!"

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Margarita Kramareva

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"Use safe organic only for your beloved body! Not tested on animals. Highly recommend!"

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"Organic natural deodorant that really works. My recommendations!"

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